Maia Crawley

Maia Crawley

The IEP Group Storms the Castle!


For the year-end holiday celebration, The IEP Group chose to race against a decidedly different deadline. Instead of spending hours on the road, anxiously awaiting the test results to complete a project report, or doggedly reading through an immense project contract, The IEP Group chose to storm a castle. Admittedly, the warriors were inappropriately dressed and it did not take much strategy for the drawbridge to allow them to gain access but the end result was well worth the battle.

Complete with families in tow, The IEP Group learned new team building skills, keened their observatory acumen, and chattered about while they solved riddles, decoded rhymes, and ran up and down three flights of stairwells. Hidden among the sparse furnishings, they found the objects required to complete each task. They created music from mayhem. They cheered as they completed each small task and set about the next one – all the while the countdown clock ticked continuously.

Ancient knights from the realm were remembered, their goodly deeds for the kingdom were read, and their shields were hung on the wall with honor. The arch nemesis was revealed and his plot was foiled. The princess was restored to her throne and the inhabitants of the castle celebrated these modern warriors with great feast. Gifts were bestowed graciously upon the warriors for their heroic deeds. May their names and shields be added on the wall of honor with the knights of old.

Well, that is the way that I prefer to remember the day. Thank you, Countdown Games, for creating a great team-building scenario, combining a three-story castle, puzzles to solve, a princess to save, and a party area where we were able to share our gifts with one another. Thank you, Taziki’s, for a great lunch. It was truly a feast. Most of all, a hearty “THANK YOU” to the great team at The IEP Group. In 2020 may we meet new customers and may we experience new challenges together!

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