Mal Odor Investigations

Mal-odor investigations are a subset of so called “Sick-Building Syndrome” investigations. When tenants smell foul, they want to know the air is safe or else they may cry foul. The IEP Group will test the building for common air quality parameters to set the air at ease. At the end of the day following our inspection, employers, building owners and/or property managers should have a general idea about the quality of the air as pertains to health and safety for the constituents tested. The IEP Group will test the air using various real time meters and VOC samples to determine the known pollutants in your air and make the recommendations necessary to eliminate the odor.

We understand how devastating a noxious odor can be to businesses resulting in lost revenue from disgusted clients and lost productivity from affected employees, so we will work with our client around their needs to solve their issue in as timely a fashion as possible.

Methods we may employ:

  • SUMA canister sampling
  • Absorbant charcoal tubes
  • Multi-gas meters
    • CO
    • CO2
    • LEL
    • O2
    • H2S
    • NO2
    • And more
  • Laser particle counting
  • Infrared thermography
  • Determining pressure pathways
  • Airborne mold sampling
  • Temperature, dew point & relative humidity
  • Moisture investigations
  • And of course… trained and experienced IEP’s!

Is The IEP Group Right For You?

Whether our client is a multi-billion-dollar corporation with a high-profile environmental emergency, or simply a homeowner worried about mold or asbestos in one corner of his home, The IEP Group will provide the same professionalism and seek to find the answers that will solve their environmental crisis.

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