Lead Based Paint, Risk Assessment, Inspection & Consulting

The IEP Group can put you or your family’s concern to rest. With over 240 lead-based paint projects completed, including everything from single family residences to multi-family (apartment complexes), schools and military housing, you can join nearly 1,000 families that have been able to sleep better knowing their family is protected from lead-based paint hazards.


To help with your lead-based paint consulting needs, The IEP Group can perform:

  • Compliance testing for RRP guidelines
  • HUD compliant Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Risk Assessments
  • HUD compliant LBP Inspection
  • Project monitoring
  • Post lead abatement clearance testing
  • OSHA compliance testing

Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment


  1. Perform non-intrusive, non-destructive visual investigation throughout accessible portions of the subject property and record the condition of paint films;
  2. Perform a lead-based paint risk assessment identifying current lead-based paint hazards within and without the house;
  3. Collect surfaces wipe samples, soil and paint chips as deemed necessary by the risk assessor;
  4. Submit samples for standard turnaround time by flame atomic absorption or similar analysis to an accredited laboratory;
  5. Collect digital photographs of key observations; and
  6. Provide a comprehensive written report with our visual observations, measurements, sample results, digital photos, conclusions and recommendations.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection


  1. Following HUD guidelines, perform a non-intrusive, non-destructive surface-by-surface investigation of painted surfaces using a spectrum analyzer portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) device throughout accessible portions of the subject property;
  2. Provide immediate verbal results followed by a comprehensive written report detailing sample locations and results.

Is The IEP Group Right For You?

Whether our client is a multi-billion-dollar corporation with a high-profile environmental emergency, or simply a homeowner worried about mold or asbestos in one corner of his home, The IEP Group will provide the same professionalism and seek to find the answers that will solve their environmental crisis.

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