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Indoor air quality concerns can often be emotional and costly and may even place the health in question of those most impacted. The IEP Group understands these concerns and with that in mind desires to be compassionate and professional while remaining reasonably priced.


My mentor and teacher once said that if you know the truth it will set you free. We feel that is our job, to provide the truth, for each project. You cannot make cost efficient, objective decisions if all you are going on is hearsay. Our role is to perform the inspection, test as deemed appropriate, and then to clearly communicate the truth. With that truth, you will be set free to make the most effective decisions.

Why the name changes from Truth Consulting to The IEP Group?

2018 brought about many changes for us!

  • We added new employees.
  • We began the groundwork of changing our incorporation status.
  • We expanded our service area.
  • We expanded our services.
  • We figured it was time to reveal more of who we are and how we may best serve you!

Is The IEP Group Right For You?

Whether our client is a multi-billion-dollar corporation with a high-profile environmental emergency, or simply a homeowner worried about mold or asbestos in one corner of his home, The IEP Group will provide the same professionalism and seek to find the answers that will solve their environmental crisis.

Serving Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, the greater Midwest region and beyond.

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