Sick Building Syndrome

According to the EPA, The term “sick building syndrome” (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified.

According to Building Air Quality: A Guide For Building Owners and Facility Managers, EPA December 1991; “A healthy indoor environment is one in which the surroundings contribute to productivity, comfort, and a sense of health and wellbeing. The indoor air is free from significant levels of odors, dust and contaminants and circulates to prevent stuffiness without creating drafts. Temperature and humidity are appropriate to the season and to the clothing and activity of the building occupants. There is enough light to illuminate work surfaces without creating glare and noise levels do not interfere with activities. Sanitation, drinking water, fire protection, and other factors affecting health and safety are well planned and properly managed.”

It is well known that a healthy work environment is a more productive and happier environment. Improperly maintained, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems can lead to lost work time, increased mechanical systems and building maintenance, and liability, not to mention unwanted publicity. The IEP Group considers it their specialty to help you determine if your building is functioning properly and provide reasonable solutions if it is not. Tenants may be crying mold, and while many consultants will be able to seek out the dreaded four-letter word (mold), The IEP Group considers that as just one possible culprit. Based upon the complaints, we will attempt to consider all likely contaminants, how your building was designed, and how it is operated and occupied. We will consider pressure pathways, your heating, ventilating and air conditioning system, building envelope, other building systems during our investigation. Understanding how the building works and knowing what parameters to test for, The IEP Group can assess your building’s air quality and provide the necessary recommendations to get your building back in shape and provide satisfied tenants.

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Whether our client is a multi-billion-dollar corporation with a high-profile environmental emergency, or simply a homeowner worried about mold or asbestos in one corner of his home, The IEP Group will provide the same professionalism and seek to find the answers that will solve their environmental crisis.

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