Maia Crawley

Maia Crawley

January is National Radon Action Month!


I am so embarrassed!

The month is nearly over, and I have not been encouraging folks to have their homes checked for radon.

When I questioned our certified radon inspector, Gordon, regarding what I could do to spread the concern of radon in folks’ homes, he gave me these ideas:

1)    Make a big radon awareness sign and stand on a street corner.

2)    Distribute door hangers.

3)    Set-up a radon both at the local store – like how clubs sell their goods in front of a local gathering place.

While Gordon was adding his own twist to my request to go beyond the social media, he did give me several points to ponder. Here are three categories of information we can alert the good folks about radon:

 1) We could alert people with radioactive language; i.e. talk about their homes being infiltrated by radioactive radon which is produced from radium which is produced from radioactive uranium deep in the ground. Uranium is used in the production of nuclear bombs. Anyone remember Chernobyl?

2) We could alert people through the EPA radon map of possible radon levels in their geographical location

3) We could alert people with the EPA health stats about radon causing lung cancer

In the end, why not get the information directly from the horse’s mouth? Here is the link to the national radon leader’s website

Most importantly, if any of the good folks out there are concerned about radon and you live in Kentucky or the surrounding area (Indiana to Indianapolis, Ohio to Cincinnati, West Virginia to Huntington), please give us a call. The IEP Group has a certified NRPP Residential Measurement Provider to test the radon levels in your home. Then you may rest safely at nights knowing you do not live above a uranium mine.

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