Maia Crawley

Maia Crawley

Indoor Air Quality: Chemical Cocktails

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Since the pandemic, a common theme heard in the industry is the need for more outside air coming inside the home or building. The effort to become ‘energy efficient’ involves recycling the indoor air. If the indoor air is never refreshed, it can become toxic. Corbett Lunsford mentions “Chemical Cocktails” that are created in indoor environments and solutions to diffuse them.

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May 19, 2020   Posted in FeaturedHVACIndoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Corbett Lunsford, of the Building Performance Workshop, and the co-host of the PBS TV series, Home Diagnosis with Grace Lunsford, brings you the next installment of the “Home Performance Channel – Healthy Indoors Minute.”

‘Home Diagnosis’ co-creator and building science trainer Corbett Lunsford has told many students that supply-only ventilation is dangerous for homes in cold climates – but is that scientifically proven?

In existing homes, does the amount of supply air recommended by a standard like ASHRAE 62.2 actually pressurize the enclosure, and where does that air actually go? Is it more likely to squeeze into building cavities where it’ll meet cold surfaces and form condensation, or will it find a quicker path to outside?

Watch performance testing that will demonstrate exactly what happens (or doesn’t happen) when pressurizing a house with supply ventilation from outdoors easy to replicate yourself if you have a blower door kit and an airflow instrument like a vane anemometer.

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